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Why Hiring a San Diego Wedding Band Trumps Hiring a DJ

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Should you go for a San Diego wedding band or just a plain old DJ? That is perhaps one of the most difficult decisions any couple has to make with regards to their wedding day. Both hiring a DJ and a San Diego wedding band have their benefits and drawbacks, which is why making a final decision is all the more difficult. Ultimately, your decision should lie in what you want out of your wedding day. We’ll walk you through some of the major reasons why hiring a San Diego wedding band for your big day is the way to go.

The main reason why hiring a San Diego wedding band is the way to go is that live bands are able to create a much more exciting atmosphere than DJs or pre-recorded music. Ultimately, if you want your friends and family to remember your wedding day as a truly awesome one, you should definitely go for a good live band. A live band will make sure that even the most reluctant dancers can’t get off the dance floor.

Do you really want the music on your wedding day to be just like what you listen to on any ordinary day? If you go for a DJ, they’re just going to be able to play tracks that you can listen to any other time. On the other hand, a fantastic San Diego wedding band would be able to produce their own take on your favorites. This would help make your day truly memorable not just for you and your spouse-to-be, but also for your loved ones who took out time to share your special day with you.

Many people are reluctant to hire live bands for their wedding day because they believe they are restricted by only a handful of songs played by the band. However, San Diego variety bands such as Breezn have what it takes to produce almost every kind of music out there.

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