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The History of Wedding Music

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Like many other aspects of a modern day wedding ceremony, wedding music is not really a modern idea. It has been around for a long time in many different cultures. As a matter of fact, while wedding receptions and ceremonies differ significantly in different parts of the world, wedding music is one of the few constants. The kind of music played at weddings in Chicago, IL may not be the same as that played in Karachi Pakistan, but neither wedding would be complete without some catchy tunes.

Although wedding songs have been around much longer, some of the most famous wedding music came about in the nineteenth century. The most widely recognized wedding tune in the Western world, commonly known as “Here Comes The Bride”, was part of Wagner’s not quite-as-famous song, Lohengrin. Written in 1850, the song has become a popular feature at weddings all over the world and is played when the bride makes her grand entrance.

Orthodox Jewish weddings have for over a century played the song Baruch Haba. It is sung when the groom enters the wedding ceremony.

In East Asia and Africa, traditional instrumentals are played throughout the wedding ceremony in celebration of the newly wedded couple and unification of two families or tribes.

In South Asia, there are special events called Dholki and Mehndi where friends and family of the bride and groom dance to the catchiest songs. This is normally after the actual marriage ceremony, which does not feature any music.

Wedding music is still important to any ceremony and reception. Hiring a band to play on your special day might be the best way to ensure that people will remember the tunes played for years to come. If that is out of your budget, at least make sure you get a good stereo system so that your guests will be motivated to dance the night away.


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