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Wedding Mistakes That a San Diego Wedding Band Should Avoid

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Finding the right San Diego wedding band to perform on your special day is not easy, especially with everything else that you have to organize. While it is always good to be idealistic, we feel as though knowing potential mistakes you could make may help you avoid them altogether.

Demand a Sound Check

Although a professional San Diego wedding band will never skip this step, it is important to make sure everyone at the venue can hear the music at a comfortable volume. Make sure all the speakers are hooked up properly and definitely have music at your rehearsal event, if you do have one.

Have Music Playing Before the Ceremony Starts

While the soon-to-be-married couple may not experience even the slightest bit of boredom on their wedding day, not everyone might be keen to wait too long for the ceremony to start. A great way to keep a large crowd entertained is to have some nice tunes playing in the background. Don’t choose anything too loud though.

Be Careful About Ceremony Music

While it might be tempting to have “Here Comes the Bride” played as you walk down the church aisle, you might want to run it by your officiant to make sure it is alright. Some venues do not permit certain kinds of music, and since the last thing you probably want is drama on your wedding day, you should make sure you verify the songs that will be played by your San Diego wedding band are allowed.

Choose Your First Dance Song Wisely

As much as the “first dance” is romanticized, realistically speaking, you’re probably going to be too exhausted from planning out a perfect wedding to actually enjoy it. That is why it is crucial  that you request the San Diego wedding band to play a song that is not too long. Dancing for a whole eight minutes with hundreds of eyes on you might not be your idea of fun.

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